Behind the mysterious name, representing passion and love for estate, is the owner of the company, Monika Michalska. The whole concept is based on both helping you find the best property and finding the right owner for a property. The thought is based on the feeling that there is a sense of partnership and trust in all of this. So you can feel that love lives in this place.

visual identification

marta wołejko-wołejszo managment
konrad roche art direction / graphic design
adrian turulski web development

The thought is based on the feeling that there is a sense of partnership and trust in all of this.

( + ) challenge

When creating the visual identification of Monika's brand, we had a great challenge in mind - the name and concept of the company evoke associations with love, warmth and cosiness, but the requirements contained the art of selling real estate properties. It was necessary to combine both of these thoughts and create something that will not only attract attention, but will stay with the people for longer.

( + ) solution

To obtain a design effect that would be appropriate for the industry, but still resonate with owner's concept - we chose elegant lettering and the logo has its own original style. The whole thing is emphasized by the signet at the end, which is the key to the dream place. The colors are subdued, we choose greens, beiges and browns, which refers to interiors, wood, bricks as a raw material and plants.We designed the website in the style of the rest of the materials, bearing in mind the importance of UX and UI as well as responsiveness to ensure easy and simple navigation around it. A pleasant addition to the project are original, unique mugs, made for future property owners. Materials such as business cards or postcards are not only used for advertising, but also decoratively in every home where love lives.

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