How to start creating brand that has potential?

(fig. 1) Nike House of Innovation — Shanghai

Perhaps you're here to find answers about brand creation, or maybe you already know and are preparing a base for creators/performers/designers.

As a graphic studio, we specialize in designing and building visual identity as part of a brand. This is where we can help you.

What is a brand?

brand is an idea and experience about a product, service or company.

It can be a company, idea, person, association, or concept - it allows us to stand out because it has characteristic features that allow us to quickly identify a particular product, service, or person. These differentiators can be a name, slogan, color (for some brands, it has become the symbol of the company, e.g., Milka, where just hearing the name, we see its color). A choice in communication can be important, such as a kind of minimalism in packaging (e.g., Apple and its synthetic design, lack of gaudiness).

To create a brand, remember that it's your idea, but to realize it, you need to remember that arguments and ideas must resonate with the target audience you want to engage.

Below is our diagram in which we illustrate how we see building a brand and what it should involve :)

(fig. 2) graph showing the creation of a brand

(fig. 2) graph showing the creation of a brand

We usually start with the idea and name → you can seek out a specialist to create a brand strategy or create it ourselves by asking questions → there is demand and what niche we have.

By combining the entire strategy, including the audience, we can create visual identity that will be appropriately matched to the brand concept.

find your target audience and see what they need

If we have an idea and a name, and we know what we want to do but are unsure of the demand, it's worth checking - we'll also learn about potential customers (it's worth creating a persona). In both cases, it's important to create a concept and strategy for what we want to do and take care of the visual aspect - this will save us time worrying about lack of customers in the future.

think about what you need to promote your brand

Of course, it's also about your audience and what you offer them. In addition to focusing on the name and audience, it's important to consider visual elements. For example, a properly designed logo is essential for both print and online use (depending on whether the internet is more important for the brand, the integrity of the local community, such as a local store or salon, or typical social media content, or perhaps product packaging for store placement). The logo is often the cornerstone of visual identity. Additionally, often (but not always), other elements of visual communication are created based on the logo and shape the brand's image - you can opt for mainstream or something niche.

we hope that this short “guide” was useful and that you will be able to achieve success. if you want us to help with this

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